Intelly Monitoring and Management is a specialized organization that offers solutions and services related to real-time tracking and location technologies. We develop and implement RTLS solutions, which involve a combination of hardware, software, and infrastructure to enable accurate and real-time tracking of assets, inventory, and personnel within various environments.

IMM designs and deploys infrastructure, such as sensors, tags, readers, and network components, to establish a robust tracking system. Our IMM software platform collects, analyzes, and visualizes the data captured by the RTLS infrastructure and can be integrated with any system easily. Our platform includes features like mapping interfaces, reporting tools, analytics capabilities, and integration with other business systems.

IMM works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and design tailored solutions that address their requirements. We provide consulting, system design, implementation, and ongoing support services to ensure the successful deployment and operation of the RTLS solution. 

Our solutions serve a wide range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail, hospitality, and more. We collaborate with clients to enhance operational efficiency, improve asset management, optimize workflows, and enhance safety and security through the utilization of innovative RTLS technologies.