RTLS in Healthcare

Welcome to IMM, where we bridge the gap between innovation and healthcare excellence. In today’s dynamic landscape of the industry, the ability to access precise, real-time information is essential for enhancing patient care, ensuring safety, and streamlining operations. As professionals in Real-Time Location Systems solutions, we are committed to transforming the healthcare sector by offering state-of-the-art technologies that empower healthcare providers to deliver top-tier care while optimizing processes and resource utilization. Explore our extensive range of RTLS solutions tailored to fit the needs of the industry, and witness how we’re shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Application in Healthcare:

Our systems play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry. We employ RTLS technology to track medical equipment, ensuring vital resources are always within reach. Beyond that, we focus on optimizing asset utilization, streamlining patient flow to enhance their experience, bolstering staff safety, and enabling the seamless management of workflows. Our RTLS solutions are versatile, catering to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and various other healthcare facilities. Explore how our innovative technology is revolutionizing healthcare operations and patient care.


In today’s fast-paced world of global commerce, the success of transport and logistics companies hinges on their ability to deliver goods accurately, on time, and with maximum efficiency. At IMM, we understand the challenges that 3PL and logistics companies face, and we’re here to support and improve the way the operations are managed through our cutting-edge Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) solutions.

Asset and Equipment Tracking:

IMM enables hospitals to track and manage medical equipment, such as infusion pumps, wheelchairs, and defibrillators, in real-time. This ensures that the equipment is readily available when needed, reduces equipment search time, and improves overall operational efficiency.

Patient Tracking and Workflow Optimization:

IMM allows healthcare providers to track the location and movement of patients within a facility. This information can be used to streamline patient flow, improve staff coordination, and reduce wait times. It also assists in enhancing patient safety by preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Staff and Personnel Management:

IMM helps monitor the location of healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, and technicians. This data can be utilized to optimize staffing levels, allocate resources efficiently, and improve response times in emergencies. It also aids in ensuring compliance with protocols and regulations.

Emergency Response
and Security:

Our system can play a crucial role during emergency situations. It enables quick identification of the nearest healthcare personnel, emergency equipment, and exit routes. Additionally, it assists in tracking and locating patients during evacuations or disasters, enhancing the efficiency and safety of emergency response operations.

Restricted or Hazardous areas:

IMM enables real-time monitoring of hazardous or restricted areas within the monitored facilities. By deploying location-tracking technologies such as RFID, BLE or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) systems, companies can track the movement, access control and location of personnel and assets within these areas.


IMM RTLS can contribute to infection prevention and control measures. It helps track the movement of patients and staff, facilitating contact tracing and identifying potential infection sources. This information can be utilized to implement targeted interventions, minimize the spread of infections, and ensure effective isolation protocols.

Workflow Analytics and Optimization:

IMM RTLS provides valuable data that can be analyzed to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and improve resource utilization. By understanding the patterns of movement and usage, healthcare facilities can make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and patient outcomes.

Patient Safety and
Fall Prevention

Our system can be employed to monitor patients at risk of falls, particularly in long-term care facilities or areas where patients require close observation. Real-time alerts can be generated when a patient moves into a predefined high-risk area, enabling prompt intervention and reducing the likelihood of falls.

Research and Analytics:

The data collected by our system can be analyzed to gain insights into patient behavior, staff performance, and facility usage. This information can be utilized for research purposes, process improvement, and strategic planning to optimize healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Unlocking the power of RTLS analytics:

 IMM solution provides a comprehensive suite of insights. From equipment tracking and patient flow analysis to staff productivity monitoring and compliance tracking, our RTLS system offers a wealth of data-driven possibilities. Presented through intuitive dashboards and reports, these insights empower healthcare facilities to optimize operations, elevate patient care, and enhance overall efficiency.

By leveraging IMM RTLS technology, 3PL providers can gain better control and visibility over their operations, streamline processes, reduce costs, and deliver enhanced value to their clients. It enables them to offer more efficient and responsive logistics services, improving their competitiveness in the market.

Asset tracking & Management

IMM system allows precise and real-time tracking of assets, such as pallets, containers, and equipment, throughout the supply chain. This helps 3PL providers in monitoring the location, movement, and status of assets, reducing the risk of loss or theft and improving inventory accuracy. It enables efficient asset management, optimizing asset utilization and minimizing idle time. IMM can track items within warehouses, distribution centers, trucks, and even in transit, ensuring better control.

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